It’s the summer of 2012, and Dutch designer Frank de Bruijn is looking to create an experience of freedom and relaxation in a crowded city. Given his enthusiasm for bathing, saunas and boats, he develops the HotTug prototype - the world’s first electric propelled and wood-fired sailing hot tub.
Frank intended the HotTug for his own use, but it soon became clear that many people loved the idea and wanted to sail in it. That’s when Frank realized the commercial possibilities for making HotTug a success.

In September 2012, the people at the ‘HISWA in Water’ trade show asked Frank to show the HotTug, and a new boat concept was born. The HotTug was thoroughly tested in 2013 and attained CE certification.

We sailed HotTug in several cities for marketing purposes. That’s when HotTug went viral, receiving media attention globally. People embraced the idea, and we saw the smiling faces of HotTug users and spectators.

Now the HotTug is proven concept and the media still loves the HotTug. But more importantly people love to sail in the HotTug!